Dolní Věstonice

The village is a gate into the protected area and the Palava reservation. There is a ruin of the castle Devicky and the highest hill of Palava- Devin right above the village. There is also a significant geological locality - the Kalendar, a place of many finds. Therefore an archaeological museum has been established there, where we can see unique exhibits of pottery and textiles, a model of primeval settlement, flint tools and original plans of professor Absolon with denotation of the Vestonicka Venuse finding-place.

Once you visit the village, do not forget to visit the church of Archandel Michael or the building of the ancestral city-hall from the 16th century, nowadays the base of an archaeological exposition. Very interesting place is the Sklepni street going through almost all east side of the village because of many wine cellars, old and new ones as well, spread along the whole street. Viticulture has a very long tradition here. This earth gives many typical wine variety thank to its unique microclimate like “Ryzlink vlassky”, “Veltlinske zelene”, “Neuburg”, “Savignon” or “Ryzling rynsky” - from blue breeds: “Frankovka” and “Portugal”.
Dolní Věšonice - the centreDolní Věšonice - the centre
Devín from Dolni Vestonice